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  • "An Autobiography written from the heart of America's pioneering days in Oil, Banking and the Arts."

  • "An Entrepreneur's Bible!"

  • "A defining Milestone in America's emergence as the World's Most Powerful Economy."

  • "Dedicated to the many Peacemakers who delivered Peace and Economic Stability in Britain and Ireland!"

  • "Captures the positive geopolitical influence of Anglo-Irish-America."

  • "Editorially sensitive to the diversity of modern multicultural readers and their dependents."

  • "An Exciting Project in Modern Publishing."

  • "Masterfully sketches a path from where we were, to where we may be headed."

  • "The Cornerstone of Modern Philanthropy!"

  • "The Perfect Inspirational Gift!"

Samuel G. Bayne

Samuel G. Bayne lived the American Dream to the full, and put his pen to work right from the romantic heart of America's emerging Oil and Banking sectors. The author's financial genius was recognized by several American Presidents, and the 2016 Edition...


Derricks of Destiny 2016

The author's writing style bears witness to the intriguing "emancipation of language" that emerged as a result of so many English-speaking immigrants choosing America, Canada and Australia in particular, as their immigrant destination of choice. That circle is now being squared by the fascinating quest among US, Canadian, Australian and literary graduates ...